Wisdom Blend 10ml.

Wisdom Blend 10ml.

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What's Inside

Only natural ingredients. Period.


Neroli, Frankincense, Orange & Patchouli oils.

How To Use


Diffuse Wisdom oil blend by adding 3-5 drops per 100ml of water to an oil diffuser.

Skin + Body

Use Wisdom oil blend topically by diluting 4-6 drops in 20ml (2 Tbsp) of carrier oil.

It can be applied to the pulse points for mood-boosting effects.

Add 5-10 drops to a warm bath.


Make an uplifting and air-freshening linen and room spray by adding 15 drops of wisdom essential oil blend to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Shake well before misting the air, curtains, furniture, shoes, clothing, towels, sheets and your classroom.

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