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March 6, 2018
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March 28, 2018
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Essential oil Mothers Day Set, Rose, Joy & Lavender 10ml each


  • Therapeutic grade
  • 100% Natural, Eco friendly
  • A truly unique gift for Mom.
  • These essential oils can be used in daily routine to benefit the Mom, support herseld and her loved ones.

ROSE OIL: greatest feminine joys known to humankind. Its comforting floral aroma is associated with romantic love, friendship, family and spiritual practice. Nothing says “you are loved” like the scent of roses! Apply 3-5 drops to an aroma diuser for toput some love in the air and a spring in your step. For millenia, practitioners of mediation .

Joy Oil is a beautiful blend of oils that bring joy to the heart. Benefits: Helps support the immune system and healthy skin. This essential oil will lift you out of tired and low emotions to help embrace the joy of life.

Lavender Essential oil: One of the most powerfully relaxing and sleep-inducing scents. Lowers stress levels. Relieves aches and pains when diluted properly and applied to skin. Extraction Method: Steam distillation of fresh flowering tops of lavender.

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