Fill your home with Woolzies sweet scented essential oils, which will evoke a warm and cozy atmosphere at the fireside. Create a relaxing ambiance in your home with Fireside oils that quickly fill the room with fragrance.

The best fragrances come directly from their natural source – the plants themselves – and the scents we associate with the holidays offer mental and physical benefits, especially when they’re pure and unaltered. Enjoy the natural aroma of FIRESIDE and nurture your family, home and soul at the same time.

Suggested use: Add 3-5 drops of essential oil to your aroma diffuser.

SANDALWOOD : The soothing aroma can help promote
mental clarity when used as an incense or fragrance.
INGREDIENTS : Sandalwood oil, Distillates of benzoin oil,
Distillates of cedar wood oil, Distillates of vanilla oil &
Distillates of bergamot oil.
VANILLA : Vanilla oil is widely used in perfume manufacturing
and aromatherapy all over the world. Vanilla oil
promotes healthy skin and hair, relieves muscle pain and
INGREDIENTS : Vanilla oil & sunflower oil.

CEDARWOOD: Pure cedarwood oil