Live a Cleaner, Greener Life with These Brilliant Hacks

Easy Tips for a Cleaner and Greener Lifestyle


Many of us are conscious of looking after our bodies by exercising, eating more fruits and vegetables and managing stress. But what about the health of the planet?


We need to make less-wasteful choices, but with all the conflicting information out there, going eco-friendly can feel pretty overwhelming.


Here are 4 simple tips that you can implement to make your lifestyle cleaner and the planet greener.


Diffuse Essential Oils


Our first tip is to ditch conventional air fresheners. Commercial air fresheners are bad news as they pump hazardous chemicals into the environment -- like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and known carcinogens formaldehyde and phthalates. Plus, the packaging is difficult to recycle.


We suggest diffusing essential oils in your home to purify and freshen the air instead.


Great-smelling essential oils are a wonderful way to support the environment and live a green, toxin-free lifestyle. These oils are 100% natural, come in recyclable glass packaging and provide great health benefits when inhaled.


Just add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil per 100ml of water to an oil diffuser. Try grapefruit for a fruity, energizing aroma!


Use Natural Wool Dryer Balls


The wide range of commercial laundry products available these days contain chemicals that cause allergies (and other health issues) in humans and are toxic to aquatic life.


Conventional plastic dryer balls, synthetic dry sheets and fabric softeners are a minefield of harsh chemicals that are released into your laundry and the environment.


Our Woolzies dryer balls offer you a 100% organic New Zealand wool alternative. They are biodegradable and chemical-free, making them an essential addition to eco-friendly homes.


They significantly reduce drying time to save electricity and money. Plus, they are reusable and last up to 1000 loads.


To give your laundry a naturally fresh aroma, add a few drops of essential oils to the dryer balls. We suggest Woolzies Laundry Collection.


Make Essential Oil Cleaning Products


Conventional household cleaning products pollute the environment when they get into the air and down the drain. They're also wasteful if you think about how many empty plastic bottles end up in your trash can each year.


Making home cleaning products is a great way to care for the environment and the health of your family. Essential oils offer a natural, eco-friendly and effective way to kill microbes, get rid of grease and purify the air. Plus, they're potent, so you only need to use a small amount.


Here are a couple of recipes to get you started.


Surface Cleaner

Make a natural household surface cleaner with one of our favorite essential oil blends. Combine 1 cup of pure water, 1 cup of white vinegar and 20 drops of Woolzies Cleaning Blend in a spray bottle. Use this to clean surfaces, floors, windows and toilets.


Carpet Cleaner

Make a natural antibacterial carpet cleaner that will remove odors and dust mites and fleas. Add 20 drops of tea tree oil to ½ cup of baking soda and leave this aside to dry for 24 hours. Sprinkle the powder over the carpet and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before vacuuming up.


Grow Your Own Food


Growing food at home is one of the healthiest ways to influence your health and the environment. Reducing your reliance on conventional farming lowers your carbon footprint and minimizes the demands put on the environment from over-farming, water use, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


Get in touch with nature and plant some simple vegetables and herbs like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and basil. Don't worry if you don't have lots of time or space, small pots on the patio or windowsill still make a difference.


For a natural pesticide, we suggest neem oil. Mix 5ml (1 teaspoon) neem oil, 2ml liquid soap, and 1-liter of water. Store this in a spray bottle and mist over your plants.


Final Thoughts


Implementing these tips will reduce plastic packaging use, minimize trips to the store and save you money!


It may feel like your small changes won't make much difference. However, each action and step adds up.


Let us know; what are some simple eco-friendly changes you've made?

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