Are Essential Oils Safe for Babies? Your Newborn-to-Toddler Guide

A question we often get asked is: are essential oils safe for babies?


We're happy to say the answer is YES! The powerful properties of essential oils offer physical and emotional benefits for babies. However, the usage rules differ when it comes to little ones.


We've put together some tips and guidelines for using essential oils safely with babies and toddlers.


The Benefits of Essential Oils for Babies and Children


Whether your little one is struggling with colic, poor sleep, teething, rashes, or tantrums – essential oils can help when used correctly. Here are our top essential oils for babies and children.


Woolzies Chamomile Essential Oil


It's generally recommended essential oils aren't used on babies younger than 6 months. But there are a few exceptions. One of them is Roman Chamomile Essential Oil. It's one of the gentlest essential oils with a floral, slightly sweet aroma.


This calming, antispasmodic oil naturally encourages sleep, promotes calm, heals skin irritations, soothes colic and fussiness, and helps a grumpy teething baby.


It's one of the best essential oils to use for infant massage. Dilute chamomile with a carrier oil and apply a small amount between your palms to warm the oil. Next, gently massage the oil onto your baby's back, chest, belly, and feet. This is great practice after a bath, before bedtime.


Woolzies Lavender Essential Oil


As a parent or caregiver, you've likely felt helpless trying to soothe a fussy newborn or toddler. Lavender essential oil comes to the rescue with its calming properties. It's a gentle and safe oil for newborns, and a favorite for sleep, fussiness, tantrums, colic, and skin irritations.


If your baby gets an insect bite or sting, applying diluted lavender oil to the area can naturally soothe pain and irritation. It's also a great idea to create a calm atmosphere by diffusing lavender at bedtime while reading a book.


Woolzies Tea Tree Essential Oil

Used on children older than 6 months, Tea tree essential oil has immense benefits for immunity and skin health.


When applied diluted to the skin it heals insect bites, chickenpox, diaper rash, minor burns, and cuts. Plus, adding a drop of diluted tea tree oil to shampoo treats the common childhood issue of lice.


Other essential oils safe for use on children 6 months+ include:


● Sweet orange

● Lemon

● Frankincense

● Bergamot

● Clary sage

● Cedarwood

● Geranium

● Neroli

● Patchouli

● Sandalwood

● Vetiver

● Ylang-Ylang


Safety When Using Essential Oils Topically and Aromatically with Children


The basic rule when using essential oils on the skin is: DILUTE, DILUTE, DILUTE! This is more important when it comes to babies as they have super sensitive, porous skin.

Essential oils must be diluted with a carrier oil – like almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, apricot oil – for safety.


● For babies 0-3 months old, the dilution rate is 1-2 drops per 50mls of carrier oil.


● For babies and toddlers older than 3 months, the dilution rate is 2-4 drops per 40mls of carrier oil.


Always do a patch test when introducing a new essential oil by applying a small amount of diluted essential oil to your child's arm or leg. Keep an eye out for any reaction in the following 24 hours.


Diffusing essential oils around newborns isn't advised. However, you can diffuse oils around babies older than 6 months when used at a ratio of 1-2 drops per 100ml of water.


Other essential oil safety tips include:


● Introduce one essential oil at a time

● Never apply essential oils to your baby's face

● Essential oils should never be ingested by children

● When diffusing essential oils, make sure the area is well ventilated and only run the diffuser for 15-30 minutes at a time

● ALWAYS keep your essential oils locked up safely out of reach of little hands


You can rest assured by using Woolzies essential oils you're offering your baby the best quality, purest oils.


Have you used essential oils to support your baby's well-being? Let us know your favorite ways to use them!

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