Why You Should Be Using Woolzies Vitamin C Serum


Are you struggling with pigmentation, sun damage, premature wrinkles, or dry skin?


Do you want to protect your skin and stop fine lines and wrinkles before they begin?

If this sounds like you, Woolzies Vitamin C Serum is a product you want to add to your daily routine! This all-natural serum contains two amazing anti-aging ingredients: Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.


What is a Vitamin C Serum?


Vitamin C serum is a skincare product with a thin, gel-like consistency that's applied topically to the face and neck to protect, heal, and renew your complexion. By delivering this potent antioxidant directly to your skin cells, it protects against environmental damage and premature signs of aging.


As an essential nutrient, vitamin C isn't made in the body and must be consumed daily. Luckily, topical vitamin C serum is easily absorbed by your skin cells and works more efficiently than an oral vitamin C supplement!


So, what are the benefits?


Vitamin C serum promotes glowing, youthful skin and slows down the signs of aging. As a powerful antioxidant nutrient, vitamin C – also known as ascorbic acid – scavenges unstable free radical molecules that bombard the skin from sun exposure, pollution, smoking, stress, and poor dietary choices. This prevents premature wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, and pigmentation.


Vitamin C is also a vital cofactor in the synthesis of type 1 collagen, a structural protein needed to maintain skin hydration, strength, and elasticity. A 2015 study on women found that using topical vitamin C significantly improved collagen synthesis and density (1). This is promising, considering that collagen levels decline with age.


What is Hyaluronic Acid and How Does it Benefit Your Skin?


Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a clear substance produced naturally in the body and found abundantly in the skin. Consisting of a chain of sugar molecules, HA attracts moisture and can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Over 50% of the body's hyaluronic acid is found in the skin – which explains how your skin holds onto hydration and how it's able to look supple and toned.


Unfortunately, the production of hyaluronic acid tapers off with age. Levels are also impeded by factors like smoking, pollution, and excessive sun exposure (Yep, this is why your mom tells you to stay out of the sun!). Without sufficient HA, water evaporates out of your skin and it begins to

feel thin and dry. In addition, the skin's barrier function becomes damaged and susceptible to infection.


This is where a hyaluronic acid serum comes in! You know how good it feels to drink a big glass of water when you're thirsty. Well, that's what a hyaluronic acid serum feels like for your skin. Using it topically helps to rebuild your skin's hyaluronic acid levels, promoting a supple, plump appearance and a dewy glow. And this is not just hearsay! Clinical studies have shown topical hyaluronic acid is effective at moisturizing the skin, reducing roughness, improving firmness and elasticity, and minimizing wrinkle depth (2, 3).


How to Use Woolzies Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin C serum provides the greatest benefit when applied in the morning. It forms a protective barrier and defends your skin against damaging UV rays and pollution particles that you encounter during the day! The great thing about using serums is that you only need a few drops to see results.


Step 1: Wash, exfoliate, and tone your face.


Step 2: While your skin is still damp, place a few drops of serum into your hands and gently dab onto your face and neck.


Step 3: If you have loose skin or puffiness under your eyes, dab a few drops on your under-eye area to hydrate and tighten the skin.


Step 4: Finish off by applying your regular daytime moisturizer and sunscreen to your face and neck.


Final Thoughts

Woolzies Vitamin C Serum is a fantastic addition to your skincare routine – no matter your gender. By applying this serum daily, it helps to build up the skin's vitamin C and hyaluronic acid stores. Prevention is the name of the game in skincare, so the sooner you start using these anti-aging ingredients the better!


Please note: a small percentage of people may experience redness and sensitivity when using a vitamin C serum. Perform a patch test before using this serum on your face and neck.



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