Rose Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil
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Rose Essential Oil

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Rose Essential Oil

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Rose Essential Oil

Product Description

Woolzies Rose Essential Oil is a sweet floral oil that encourages romantic and uplifting feelings. It benefits emotional balance and skin health. Rose oil can be inhaled, diffused, and applied topically. This oil also contains distillates of geranium oil, distillates of neroli oil, distillates of citronella oil, distillates of palmarosa oil.

What's Inside

Only natural ingredients. Period.

  • Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil

How To Use


Diffuse rose oil by adding 3-5 drops per 100ml of water to an oil diffuser.

Skin + Body

Use rose oil topically by diluting 4-6 drops in 20ml (2 Tbsp) of carrier oil.

Apply this oil onto the pulse points for an uplifting floral perfume.

Add 5-10 drops to a warm bath.

Make a healing facial oil by combining 2 drops rose oil, 3 drops frankincense oil, and 3 drops sandalwood oil with 20ml (2 Tbsp) carrier oil. Massage a small amount into the skin each evening after cleansing.


Make a romantic floral room spray by combining 1 cup water, ½ cup witch hazel, 

15 drops rose oil, 10 drops ylang ylang oil, 10 drops patchouli oil, and 10 drops bergamot oil. Keep this in a spray bottle and shake well before misting into the air.

Pairs Well With

Rose essential oil pairs well with bergamot, Roman chamomile, jasmine, geranium, ylang ylang, neroli, patchouli,vetiver, sandalwood, and frankincense essential oils. For an oil blend that reduces feelings of loneliness, combine 2 drops rose oil, 3 drops frankincense oil, and 3 drops bergamot oil.   


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United States United States
Love love love!

Absolutely Love it! My favorite rose scent. A little is enough to less the entire day! It blends beautifully with other essential oils. Definitely recommended!!

United States United States
Smells like roses

the smell is so rich. YOu need very little of it in the diffuser... and It´s great in a diffuser! I will now be using this also in my homemade face cream. So excited!

Jenna K.
Canada Canada
I love this oil

I love this essential oil. It smells really good. I love the smell of rose

New Zealand New Zealand

I bought this recently and find it very weak compared to the same oil I bought from woolzies 2 years ago which was 8%, not the diluted 5% that is currently being sold. it was divine At 8%, and could be smelt a mile away but now I find that I have to use 1/2 bottle of oil to get the same effect compared to a few drops previously. I bought the 10 ml & 118ml bottle which are both a weak blend. Now maybe I got a bad batch because The other reviews are glowing. I'm so disappointed with my purchase. I wish it was still at 8%!

Cody S.
United States United States
Just what I was looking for

I have been searching and searching for a natural-smelling rose oil that is strong enough to last on my skin all day. I was about to order a very pricy (and unnatural) Rose perfume from a shop in New York until I discovered this blend online and decided to give it a try. It ended up being the exact type of rosey smell I was looking for: fresh, floral, and tart and not too perfumey or powdery. You wouldn't guess that it has other oils blended in unless you read the bottle. I have been applying just a few drops to the back of my neck and under my arms, and everyone keeps asking me what type of cologne I started wearing because they want to buy it for themselves! Unlike other natural oils, this lasts all day (and sometimes longer if I put it in my hair). It makes for a great unisex fragrance, and it blends well with other colognes that I have.