Peppermint Oil Roll-On
Peppermint Oil Roll-On

Peppermint Oil Roll-On

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Product Description

Woolzies Peppermint Oil Roll-On has a fresh minty scent and cooling and uplifting properties. It helps to relieve congestion, respiratory issues, headaches, and muscle pain. Peppermint Roll-On contains peppermint oil diluted with almond oil and it can be inhaled and applied topically.

What's Inside

Only natural ingredients. Period.


Peppermint oil and almond oil.

How To Use

Skin + Body

Apply the Peppermint Oil Roll-On to the temples and back of the neck to cool the body and relieve tension and headaches.

Apply this oil to the temples and pulse points to promote concentration.

Apply some oil to the palm of the hands and inhale to promote focus and alertness.

Apply this oil to the chest and under the nose to open the airways and reduce congestion.

To combat nausea and motion sickness, apply this oil to the palms of the hands and inhale deeply.

Roll this oil onto the wrists and ankles to repel insects.

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