Muscle Relief Spray
Muscle Relief Spray
Muscle Relief Spray
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Muscle Relief Spray

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Muscle Relief Spray

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Product Description

Woolzies Muscle Relief Blend is a convenient and soothing spray that can relieve sore muscles and joints. It has a fresh, warming, herbal aroma. It contains oils of peppermint, wintergreen, clove, menthol, camphor, eucalyptus, marjoram, thyme, sesame, and olive. Muscle Relief Spray can be applied topically.

What's Inside

Only natural ingredients. Period.

  • Muscle Relief Spray Blend

Muscle Relief Spray Blend

How To Use

Skin + Body

Massage 2-3 sprays of Muscle Relief Blend into painful arthritic joints.

Apply this spray to painful muscles and joints before and after exercise.

After doing laborious work, spray this oil onto hands and feet. It can also be sprayed onto the wrists, fingers, shoulders, and neck after working at the computer for a prolonged period.


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Desiree M.
United States United States
Way better than icy hot!

I got this for my son, he plays football and his calves and body would ache after playing. Icy hot would burn any of his cuts or scrapes but I found this little gem and it has helped him so much without burning. I used some after sleeping wrong and it is a game changer! It helped with the body aches and pain but it was also calming I can not wait to try more products!

Pain, Pain, Go Away!

When it comes to aches and pains this oil is my go to. About 2 months ago I had the most excruciating knee pain and at times could barely move due to the pain. I remembered this oil gave me relief in the past so I immediately ordered it. It literally melts the pain away. No OTC meds needed. So for the slightest to the most unbearable aches and pains, i highly recommend.

United States United States
It truly works

My husband and I have physical jobs so I happened to find this product in my local store and I am totally amazed and sold on this product and am about to order more from your website. so happy i found this product. it truly takes the pain away.

Must have

Pretty sure I'd die without this in my life. Go get yourself some. I use it on my shoulders the most, works so well to relieve stressed muscles, and help sore muscles recover.

This oil is truly remarkable!

Instant help with leg cramps and muscle aches...